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Submersion in warm water has been shown to be a safe, relaxing, enjoyable and satisfying way to labour and birth.

Hire one of three quality birth pools – a La Bassine or the ‘Birthday Pool’.

All pools come with a filling hose and air pump. You will also need tap fittings (to connect the filling hose to your tap outlets) and either an emptying hose or bucket to empty the pool as these are not supplied.


A refundable bond of $50 is required. A single use birth pool liner must be used with the pool  (additional $33). The bond and single-use liner cost will be added to your booking automatically at checkout.

An optional discount is available to Community Services Card (CSC) holders. Please use the Product Enquiry including your CSC number/expiry date or alternately contact the pool coordinator and a discount code will be emailed to you that can be used to a make a discounted booking.

By hiring a birth pool from Auckland HomeBirth Community the hirer agrees that:

  1. Auckland HomeBirth Community (AHBC) owns the birth pool, hose, air pump and any other accessories, equipment and incidentals supplied with the pool (except the single use birth pool liner).
  2. The hirer will pay:
    1. The hire fee and bond prior to the pool being collected.
    2. Any cost associated with repair and/or replacement of the birth pool and/or accessories/equipment due to damage incurred during hireage and/or whilst the pool and supplied accessories/equipment is in the hirer’s care/possession.
  3. The hirer will purchase a single use birth pool liner. This single use birth pool liner must be used at all times when the birth pool is in use. This liner is the hirer’s too keep.
    1. If the single use birth pool liner is not used, bond will not be refunded (due to extra cleaning required).
  4. The Cost is $50 refundable bond and $100 hire fee for the birth pool and accessories/equipment.
    1. The cost for a single use birth pool liner is additional and shall be paid along with the bond and hire fee.
    2. No refund of the hire fee will be given if the pool is not used.
    3. There is a discount for Community Services card holders. Please enquire.
  5. The bond, hire fee and single use birth pool liner cost shall be paid to Auckland HomeBirth Community, bank account no. 38-9000-0634581-01.
    1. The hirer’s name must be used as the reference when making deposit.
  6. The hirer will collect the birth pool and supplied accessories/equipment from the birth pool coordinator.
  7. Auckland HomeBirth Community is run by volunteers and as such, while the utmost care is taken, AHBC volunteers (including the birth pool coordinator) will not be held personally accountable for anything amiss with the birth pool and/or accessories/equipment. Should the hirer find anything missing, dirty, damaged or amiss upon receipt of the birth pool and accessories/equipment, the hirer shall contact the birth pool coordinator ASAP to discuss the situation.
  8. Supplied instructions on the use and care of the birth pool and accessories/equipment will be followed at all times.
  9. Usage of the pool is solely at the hirers risk.
  10. The birth pool and supplied accessories/equipment (but not the single use birth pool liner) will be returned to the pool coordinator ASAP and at most within 7 days after birth.
    1. AHBC reserves the right to request return of the birth pool and accessories/equipment sooner than 7 days after birth in times of high demand to ensure availablity to all hirers.
    2. The birth pool and all accessories/equipment supplied (except the single use birth pool liner) will be well cleaned and well dried as according to the supplied cleaning instructions and returned in the tidy manner in which they were collected. The single use birth pool liner is the hirer’s to keep and does not get returned.
    3. Upon return of the undamaged, cleaned and dried birth pool and accessories/equipment (but not the single use birth pool liner) AHBC will refund the bond to the hirer’s nominated bank account.
    4. If any damage has occurred where cost of repair or replacement is in excess of the bond, the hirer shall pay the difference within a timely manner.
  11. Auckland HomeBirth Community will maintain confidentiality of the hirer at all times.

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